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Student Resources at Mayfield College

We know our students have a life outside of the classroom, so we do everything we can to support the Mayfield community. Our Student Services department is equipped to help you find the support you need so you can get the most out of your education.

Here are some of the ways we help:

  • Tutoring: We will help provide a tutor to assist you with homework, test preparation, difficult coursework, projects, etc. There is no additional cost for Mayfield students.
  • Career Services: Helping you find your career is the most important service we offer. Check out our Career Services page for more information.
  • Service Referrals: We will do our best to help connect you to the resources you need, including housing, child care, transportation, and medical & mental health.
  • Student Awards: We believe in celebrating your success, like honor roll, perfect attendance, or being a Student Ambassador. When you're doing great, we will let you know it!
  • Student Activities: We host activities and events throughout the year that promote school spirit and develop leadership skills. Your involvement and participation in these activities is always encouraged.

At Mayfield College, Students Come First!

Our students are the most important part of Mayfield College. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call us at (760) 328-5554 or Request Information.