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Medical Assisting

The job market for Medical Assistants is very encouraging. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects that jobs in this field will Grow by 29% from 2012-2022.* Yahoo! Education lists the Medical Assistant field on its list of Top Five Healthcare Careers. If you have an interest in taking care of others, a career in Medical Assisting could be perfect for you!

Medical Assisting Program Features
The Medical Assisting program at Mayfield College offers back office training to provide support to physicians and direct patient care in a variety of medical settings. Training includes a balance of classroom instruction with laboratory experience to create the best opportunity for student understanding and performance. Our Medical Assisting program provides:

  • Hands-on training with the latest medical equipment
  • Clinical and administrative course instruction
  • On-the-job training through an externship with a local company

Medical Assisting Career Opportunities
Health care careers are on the rise and expected to increase dramatically in the years ahead as an aging population requires growing medical attention. Graduates of Mayfield College’s Medical Assisting program can expect to secure positions in a variety of career roles including:

  • Clinical or Administrative Assistant
  • Medical Receptionist
  • Occupational Health Assistant
  • Laboratory Assistant
  • Medical Office Assistant
  • Back Office Lab Aide

If you want to be a member of a professional healthcare team, the Medical Assisting program at Mayfield College can prepare you for an exciting career in the medical field.

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* Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2014-15 Edition. These employment projections are provided for informational purposes only and may not reflect actual job demand in any particular field or region.


Medical Assisting Training At Mayfield College
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