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General Office Management (Business Office)

Businesses rely on the expertise of their support staff more and more every day. So, job applicants who know their way around office technologies and computer software have a competitive edge with employers. Completing the General Office Management Program at Mayfield College reassures employers that you have the know-how to be productive on the job.

To build an effective office career, you need technical expertise and highly-developed communication skills. This program provides a solid business foundation while teaching the computer and office skills that are vital to every office career.

Our training program is based on classroom lectures, lab applications, and on-the-job training at your externship site.

The program includes courses in:

  • Office Operations
  • Business Writing
  • Business Presentations
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Records And Data Management
  • Spreadsheet Management
  • Introduction To Information Management
  • Business Documentation
  • Accounting Principles

This program emphasizes business proficiency with word processing, spreadsheet, and accounting software. The skills learned in this program will enable you to obtain an exciting career in business, industry, or government.

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